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So far we have had 3 events: our launch event in February, a talk and Q&A with Mike Selden of Finless Foods, and a social meet up at a vegan pub. We’re thrilled with how they went, and look forward to the next events!

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Past events

Cellular Agriculture UK Launch Celebration, 26th Feb 2019

We had a fantastic time at the Cellular Agriculture UK launch celebration event on 26/2/19!

55 interested parties attended, including investors, PhD students, lawyers and our brilliant speakers, Iltud Dunsford (CEO and Co-founder of Cellular Agriculture Ltd), Chris Bryant (Social Science Division Director of Cellular Agriculture Society) and Richard Parr, the newly announced European head of the Good Food Institute!

After networking, listening to the speakers and eating lots of hummus, we moved to a nearby bar to continue the conversation.

Thank you to everyone who attended, you made it a brilliant event!

Talk and Q&A with Mike Selden of Finless Foods, 11th March 2019

We were lucky enough to snag Mike during his busy tour of Europe for a talk about Finless Foods, and a fascinating Q&A session. Mike went over what Finless are up to, and answered questions like “who will you be hiring over the next 5 years?”, “What are the biggest challenges the field is facing?” and “What markets are you aiming at first?”.

Social ‘Meat & Greet’, 26th March 2019

Our first social event took place at a lovely vegan pub in London, and brought together a brilliant group of people, leading to a night of networking and lively debate.